Flirty Dresses - Love of the Song
    First of all... Happy Friday! If you are anything like me, Fridays are a joyous occassion after a very long 40 hour work week!! So to kick off my very first Friday post, I've decided to dedicate each friday to a very flirty item. This week, we will be talking about Flirty Dresses!!
    When I think of 'Flirty', dresses come to my mind first! And with spring fast approaching, fun pastels and patterns will be making their way out of the back of our closets along with... Flirty Dresses! I love finding a cute, comfy colorful dress that can serve its purpose at so many differant events. 
    Below, I have included some great examples of Flirty Dresses. Let me know what you think! I hope you all have a great weekend. Any fun plans? I will be going to my friends birthday bash tonight for some dancing and karaoke!! Make everyday amazing!!

XOXO Kelsey

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