Crazy Chords - Love of the Song
    Happy Friday!! As for my Flirty Friday post, I am dedicating this addition to the Chords. Nothing made me happier, then when I realized I could wear Chords at work and not get in trouble! So as you can assume, I went CHORD CRAZY and bought 8 pairs. I love all of the colors, and with spring on our backs, the pastels are really making their selves known. I actually just got a pair of mint green chords and I LOVE them! The only place I buy them from is Rue 21 ( Everytime I bring a pair home, my mom says, ' What are you going to do in the summer?' I say,'Wear my chords!!'. It's difficult at times to know what I can and can't wear to work, but now I have a sure fire option and I couldnt be happier!! I have included some great pics of Chords. Which are your favorite?!

XOXO Kelsey

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