We're Engaged!! - Love of the Song
It all started September 4th, 2010. Kelsey was in a local band and that weekend they had a gig at a wedding for a relative of the leader of the band. Once they got there, almost instantly Kelsey made friends with all of Chris' family, especially his grandfather. She had seen Chris at the reception and they made eye contact. Right that second she knew he was the one she would marry. "I got that tingly sensation in my toes that I normally get right before I go on a big rollarcoaster."- Kelsey
She had secretly hoped Chris would ask her to slow dance during the reception, but alas, it never happened. After the beautiful ceremony and reception, they didn't want the night to end. So Kelsey invited Chris to Mustangs Saloon in the GSR for a night of dancing and talking, and she finally got her slow dance. "We were both so nervous dancing together. We barely made eye contact."- Kelsey

After they were done dancing, Chris walked Kelsey to her car and tried the ultimate move- A kiss on the first date. Unfourtunatly she was not that kind of girl and turned him down. " I felt sad and disappointed but knew I would try again the next day!!'- Chris 

And he was right!! They went on a few dates and spend every day together for the next three days. "He kept asking me to be his girlfriend and I kept saying no because I wanted to make him wait. But I caved three days later. He's just so cute!"- Kelsey "I felt fine because I knew eventually she couldn't resist me."- Chris

Their first big date was to the rib cook off. Thats when she got to spend some quality time with his dads side of the family. "It was quite overwhelming, but they were all so accepting and nice."- Kelsey

"I love him so much that it hurts to hold it all in. I couldn't be happier"- Kelsey

The next year and two months flew by and soon they were ENGAGED!!! Kelsey knew something was up and actually asked Chris if he was proposing. He had gone by her home to ask her parents permission earlier the same day, and thought her mother Pamela had spilled the beans. He wanted to cook her dinner before they left for their vacation on thursday and ask her then. He cooked her dinner(which they didn't even eat), and there was lots of hugging and kissing involved. Chris asked her, 'how much do you love me?' and she knew right then and there what he was doing. She said ' A lot!!'. Chris then said 'Well then I have a question to ask you." He GOT DOWN ON ONE KNEE, pulled out THE ring, and said "Kelsey Bird, will you marry me?" and Kelsey said YYYYEEESSS!!!!!!! "I couldn't believe it. It all felt so surreal. I was freaking out, like what are you doing?!"- Kelsey

Stay tuned for all our wedding details!! Thanks for reading!

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